The BEST Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe (Secret Reveal! Easy and Delicious!)

Wow! It’s really delicious. The seasoning is good and the skin is very . I like it, easy to eat.

📢 Ingredients

2 chicken breasts

0.5 tbsp (4g) garlic powder

1 tsp red pepper powder (3g)

1 tsp salt (3g)


20g water

100g all-purpose flour

100g cornstarch

5g baking powder

20g Cheese Seasoning powder

0.5 tbsp (4g) garlic powder

1g salt

50g water

📢 Recipe

1. 2 chicken breasts, cut the chicken breast lengthwise, cut at 2 cm intervals, 0.5 tbsp garlic powder (4g), 1 tsp red pepper powder (3g), 1 tsp salt (3 g), pepper, 20g water. Mix the seasonings well into the chicken breast. Close the lid and leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. 100g all-purpose flour, 100g cornstarch5g baking powder. Stir to mix the powder well, 20g Cheese Seasoning powder, 0.5 tbsp garlic powder (4g), 1 tsp (3g), mix well as well, 50g water, add water to the powder. Rub it with your hands to make it lumpy.

3. Now I’ll just strain the lumps with a sieve. I’ll spread it out on a tray. Leftover Fine Flour, transfer to an empty bowl. Add water (the amount of water varies depending on the amount of remaining powder). Stir so that there are no lumps.

4. 1 hour later. Thread the chicken breast onto the stick, I put 4 pieces of chicken breast in each. Dip the chicken in batter to keep it moist. Spread plenty of tempura dough. Place in a cup so the chicken skin doesn’t crumble. Let’s fry it right now.

5. Hot oil (160℃, medium-low heat). Do not touch for 2 minutes. Turn over after 2 minutes. Fry it crispy. I fried for about 6 minutes total. I’m just going to put some ketchup on it. I also put mayonnaise.