Super Soft, Cheesecake Recipe | When You Taste it, Everyone is Asking For This Recipe

It is good to make it into a whole cake. I made this into cupcakes. It’s prettier, and it’s nice that it’s easy to take out and eat one by one. Also, depending on how you decorate, the finished product will be different. I think I can create various shapes to suit the situation or season. It’s the perfect amount to eat with a cup of coffee. I think it would be great to serve as a dessert when guests come over.

[Muffin cup size: bottom 55mm x height 45mm] 12 pieces

✤ Ingredients

150g Whole wheat snack

60g (6Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter

400g Room temperature cream cheese

200g Room temperature sour cream

80g (8Tbsp) Heavy cream

100g (10Tbsp) Sugar

15g (1.5Tbsp) lemon juice

3g (1tsp) Vanilla oil

30g (3Tbsp) Cornstarch

2 Room temperature eggs (125g)

✤ Decorations (optional)

Whipped cream (250g Heavy cream + 20g(2Tbsp) sugar)

5~6 Strawberries

Apple mint (or lemon balm)

✤ Tips

– Freshly baked cakes are moist and not hard.

– Since I used a tall muffin cup in a low muffin tin, I layered the muffin cups in 2 layers to keep the shape.

– If you make it with a muffin cup that is lower than mine, the baking time will be reduced even more.

– 2-3 days in the refrigerator, 2-3 months in the freezer

– If you want to keep it in the freezer, freeze it before adding the fresh strawberries.
(Raw strawberries release water when thawed)

– If you want to freeze strawberries on top, boil them with sugar or top them with strawberry jam.

✤ Recipe

1. 150g Whole Wheat Cookies, grind the cookies finely, 60g (6Tbsp). Melted unsalted butter, add butter and mix well. 55mm x 45mm, 12 Muffin Cups, put a spoonful of crushed cookies into the cup. After spreading evenly, press down gently with a cup. Place the cookies in the refrigerator for a while to harden..

2. 400g Room temperature cream cheese, 100g (10Tbsp) Sugar. Add sugar to cream cheese and beat gently, if the cream cheese has softened, 15g (1.5Tbsp) Lemon juice, 30g (3Tbsp) Cornstarch (wheat flour available), 80g (8Tbsp) Heavy cream, 200g Sour cream, 3g (1tsp), Vanilla oil. After mixing all the ingredients well.

3. 2 Room temperature eggs (125 g), add eggs and mix. If you add eggs and stir for a long time, the top may crack when baking, so be careful. Smash the floor and break the big bubbles, then. Fill the cups 80% each. Distribute equally so that no one is disappointed. Shaking the frame or tapping the floor gently,

4. After flattening the top. Transfer to an oven preheated to 160°C (320°F). Bake at 160℃ (320℉) for 25 minutes (depending on your oven specifications). It didn’t brown and was cooked until it was soft like pudding. Now let it harden in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.

5. 5-6 Strawberries, finely chop the strawberries (optional). Next day , this look needs a hairdresser’s touch. Whipped cream. It’s delicious even without whipped cream, so you can freely decorate it. Strawberry up. Garnish with apple mint.