Quick & Easy | Moist Cheese French Toast Recipe | Simple Toast

It’s thicker, moister, and softer cheese French toast. It’s delicious even if you just bake bread, but it’s more savory and delicious when you put cheese in between.


4 slices of bread

3 slices of cheese

2 eggs

15 g sugar

50 g milk

Cinnamon Powder

unsalted butter

maple syrup

4 slices of Bread

3 sliced Cheese

2 Eggs

15g Sugar

50g Milk

Cinnamon Powder

Unsalted butter

Maple syrup


1. Cut the edges of 4 slices of bread.

2. Put the cheese between the bread and heat the butter in a frying pan over low heat.

3. Add sugar to eggs and mix, then add milk and cinnamon powder and mix.

4. Rotate the bread to absorb enough egg water and bake evenly on a heated pan.