Creamy Smooth it Melts in Mouth | Delicious Tiramisu Recipe (No Oven, No Flour)

The subtle coffee flavor is really good. The combination of coffee and cheese flavor is really delicious. Just whipped it up and it makes a great dessert.

📢 Ingredients

240g mascarpone cheese

200g heavy cream

40g sugar

25g water

3 yolks

8g Kahlua (optional)

10g gelatin

3g coffee

60g hot water

7g sugar

Ladyfinger Cookies (if not, sponge cake)

📢 Recipe

1. 3 yolks, stir it, 40g sugar, 25g water. Low heat, when the whole boils. Add sugar water while stirring the yolks, stir it until it turns pale yellow.

2. 240g mascarpone cheese. Take it out of the refrigerator and use it right away. Beat the cheese lightly, not too much. 8g Kahlua (optional), adding Kahlua enhances the flavor. If not, don’t put. Now I’m going to divide the yolk batter in two times and mix it. Mix smoothly without lumps.

3. 10g gelatin, soak it in cold water. After squeezing out the water, put it over hot water and dissolve it, a bit of batter. Add to the melted gelatin, mix well then. Add to batter and mix.

4. 200g heavy cream, make it creamy. Be careful not to overwhip. Fluffy and soft cream. Divide the cream in two times and mix it. I haven’t tried it, but it’s already delicious, go to piping bag.

5. Round silicone mold (diameter 4.5 cm), squeeze it out, 3g coffee, 7g sugar, 60g hot water. Let cool so it’s not too hot. Lady Finger (or sponge cake), cut to fit the frame, soaked in coffee, put it on top of the batter.

6. Freezer 4 hours. I’ll separate you from the frame, so cute. If it is frozen a lot, leave it at room temperature. Sprinkle with cocoa powder just before eating.