Dessert Recipe | No-Bake Cheese Tart (Creamy and Gooey | Eggless & Without Oven )

Rich, Creamy Cheese Tart. It was so simple that I doubted whether it would taste good, really delicious. Today I’m going to have a happy time eating cheese tart.


120g Whole Wheat Cookies (Digest) 120g

50 g unsalted butter

140g cream cheese

70g heavy cream

40g plain yogurt

35g sugar

10g lemon juice

2g gelatin


1. Tart pan (20cm diameter), put baking paper on the bottom, 50g unsalted butter. I’ll put it in hot water. 120g Whole Wheat Cookies, beat it with a rolling pin and crush it finely, melted butter. Mix until cookies are wet.

2. Add crumbled cookies spread evenly. Press down firmly to make it flat, in the freezer until use, 140g cream cheese. Soften it gently by pressing the cream cheese against the bowl with a spatula.

3. 35g sugar. I’ll mix the cream until it’s the consistency of mayonnaise. 2g gelatin, soak it in cold water, 40g plain yogurt, 70g heavy cream. Mix it with whisk, 10g lemon juice. Just mix.

4. Squeeze out the water from the soaked gelatin well. Dissolve in hot water, mix likewise. Pour the cream over the hardened cookies. Refrigerator 4 hours or more.

5. Separation. I’ll cut it.