Delicious Cheese Corn Dog to The end Without Ketchup | Korean Hot Dog | So Much Simpler Than Other Recipes

Very tasty. Try it as a snack, it was a delicious corn dog to the end without ketchup.


300g all-purpose flour

135g milk

1 egg

35g sugar

4g yeast

4g salt

25g melted unsalted butter


Cheese (optional)


1. 135g warm milk, 1 egg, 35g sugar, 4g yeast. Mix well, 300g all-purpose flour, 4g salt. Mix so that no powder is visible.

2. Knead by hand for about 3 minutes. 25g melted unsalted butter. Knead the butter to penetrate the dough (about 5 minutes). Dough that has become smooth, cover with plastic wrap and ferment in a warm place to double in size (about 1 hour).

3. 3 sausages, blanch in boiling water for 1 minute. I’ll put the sausage on a wooden skewer, cut the rest in half, cut the mozzarella cheese to size, hhalf a sausage, half a cheese.

4. An hour has already passed, let the air out, divide by 4, make it like a ball. Cover the dough with cling film so it doesn’t dry out. Push one by one with your hand to make it longer. Roll the dough over the sausage. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment to double in size.

5. Fry in hot oil over medium low heat, turn over when brown. If it is wearing brown clothes from the front and back, please take it out. A corn dog that makes me wonder what’s inside, oh it’s hot.