Meringue Pepero Cake | Swiss Meringue Cookies

Pepero Day is next month, so I’ll upload it a little earlier. When I bake the French meringue, I feel that the meringue quickly falls apart. I baked it with meringue.


70g egg whites

90g sugar or powdered sugar

some lemon juice

thin stick

food coloring


1. Boil egg whites and sugar over low heat. Melt the sugar completely until it reaches 45-50 degrees.

2. Mix at high speed with a hand mixer until horny.

3. Add some lemon juice and remove air bubbles on low speed.

4. Mix the color with the meringue, place in a piping bag and squeeze the meringue onto the stick.

5. Bake the pancakes at 85 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.