Make Focaccia Ice Cream | No Powder Needed

Here’s a no-knead focaccia recipe If you don’t want to knead, just fold once while it ferments and you’ll have a delicious focaccia. You can change the tomatoes or herbs on the dough to your liking.


250g water

3g dry yeast

300g flour

10g sugar

5g salt

20g olive oil

Cherry tomatoes, olives

raw salt

dried rosemary


1. Dissolve dry yeast in warm water.

2. Mix all flour ingredients, excluding oil, and form a ball.

3. When the dough comes together to some extent, add oil and mix

4. Fermentation at room temperature

5. After dough annealing, leave at room temperature. Repeat 3 times

6. Fold the dough again on all sides.

7. Pour enough olive oil into the pan and then add the dough.

8. Second fermentation at room temperature. [1 hour 30 minutes]

9. Pour olive oil over the dough and then put tomatoes and other ingredients on top.

10. Bake in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.