Full Of Strawberries | So Beautiful Strawberry Cake Recipe

I made a lovely creamy strawberry cake with a color that goes well with the strawberries. Strawberry jam is added and whipped, and the ice cream is really delicious!mI also used it to garnish the top with lots of strawberries cut into small pieces in the middle, but it’s small so it’s great to go with ice cream and ice cream too. . I garnish with thin whipped cream but it’s like cold ice cream so I feel the cream taste much stronger. It’s a really good cake, tastes good and looks lovely too..


140g eggs

100 g sugar

10g starch syrup

2g vanilla extract

90g soft flour

25g melted unsalted butter

40g milk

Strawberry whipped cream

60-70% whipping cream for garnish


1. Put a bowl of eggs, sugar and starch syrup in a pot of hot water, stir well, raise the temperature to 40 degrees and then remove from the pot.
Add vanilla extract and beat with a hand mixer until a thick ivory foam is formed.

2. Sift flour and mix well, then add a little flour into a bowl of melted butter and milk and mix well.

3. Put the mixed flour into the main flour, mix well, pour into the baking tray, remove the air bubbles, put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Cool, cut off the top, cut into 3 pieces, put in a 15cm mold.

4. Place a sheet of paper on a rotating cutting board, filter through a sieve, add seeded strawberry jam, spread whipped cream, top with strawberries, and spread cream. Repeat 1 more time.

5. Place the last sheet on top and apply cream over the entire surface to freeze.

6. Pour cream about 60-70% thin and garnish with strawberries and apple mint.