Churros Rice Cake | This Long Sweet

If I have rice, I will use old rice to get rice cakes. I made two snacks using rice cake and frozen preservation method. Garaetteok deep-fried with cinnamon and sweet flavor Garaetteok Churros and Kangjeong are delicious. The ingredients and process are simple, but the taste is really like Churros. Try making rice cakes without the hassle of kneading Churros. Please make a simple and simple recipe to eat real winter food


4 strings of rice cakes

cooking oil

2 tablespoons of yellow sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon


1. Cut the rice cake into 8cm and divide it in half.

2. Leave a bit at the end of the rice cake and divide it in two.

3. Roll it up like a bread roll.

3. Put enough cooking oil in the pan and fry it until golden.

4. After mixing the sugar and cinnamon powder, dip the rice cakes in.