A Meal Of Tortillas | Beautiful And healthy Fried Chicken Sandwich

Hello, this is a very delicious table. Sometimes there are days when I want to eat a lot of vegetables. You can think of health and beauty to eat this dish. Put in lots of healthy ingredients and make it simple and easy with no cooking process It’s easier to make than a sandwich and easier to eat so I usually make it a few times a week. Let’s make a beautiful and healthy meal with barley tortilla


Complete Peanut Sauce

fried chicken





honey mustard sauce

sweet sauce


1. Wash vegetables such as lettuce, lettuce and discard the water.

2. Cut lettuce, sugar and apples to prepare.

3. Bake frozen fried chicken for 200 degrees 10 minutes on the machine

4. Put a lot of Sweet Chilly sauce in the chicken tent

5. Spread a thin layer of mustard sauce over the tortilla and top with all the prepared vegetables and secure it with paper rolls