Spam In Tofu | Young Tofu Sandwich Has A Nice Shape But Delicious

I made a sandwich with spam that is indispensable in the Mid-Autumn Festival gift set Special combination of yellow grilled tofu and spam The shape is also beautiful but the snack is definitely delicious. You can use soy sauce, ketchup, and mustard as you like. This is so delicious


2 bags of tofu


2 eggs

fried dough


1. Cut spam and tofu into 1cm

2. Use a paper towel to dry the tofu juice.

3. To reduce the salty taste of spam, boil in boiling water for 1 minute.

4. After sprinkled with tofu powder, place in order tofu, tofu, tofu, tofu, then cover with egg.

5. Put olive oil in a hot pan and bake on all sides.