Peach Cake | Lovely Peach Ice Cream

It’s peach season. The bakers happily thought about what to make when they encountered seasonal fruits. The soft and sweet peaches are delicious, With soft genoise and whipped cream I made a peach pie shaped like a peach.


Heavy cream 400g

Sugar 32g

Peach liqueur 5g

Syrup 50g

Peach liqueur 5g

2 peaches


1. The bottom of the Genoise is not good for texture, so cut it off and cut into 4 pieces 1 cm high.

2. Prepare the entire bottom sheet, cut only the edge of the top sheet and cut the top 12cm and 8cm respectively.

3. Add sugar and molasses to whipped cream, whisk over ice. At cold temperatures, whipped cream has a smooth and stable texture.

4. Preliminarily prepare peaches by peeling and slicing into pieces of equal thickness.

5. Sheet – syrup – whipped cream – peach – whipped cream are stacked in order.

6. After freezing to prevent crumbs from falling off

7. Freeze the bones. Cut the mustache lengthwise and drag from the bottom to arrange.

8. After adding a small amount of red food coloring to the remaining icing, spread it on the bottom of the cake and arrange with a strip of mousse.

9. Cut the mousse strip short and fold it in half to create a peach shape.