Made From Fresh Tangerine Jam | Whipped Cream Cheese


15 cm Genoise 2ea


Cream cheese 500g

Powdered sugar 90g

Fresh cream 200g

Tangerine jam


Sugar 40% tangerine mass

Lemon juice 3% by weight of tangerine

Mousse film 22cm 8cm


1. Tangerine jam. Puree peeled tangerines in a blender, add 40% sugar by weight of tangerines and bring to a boil to finish a slightly thin jam. Whipped cream cheese

2. After whipping cream cheese until soft, add powdered sugar in two parts to soften. Whip whipped cream over ice.

3. Add 1 to 2 into 3 parts and mix. Cake finishing. Remove the bottom of Genoise, cut into 1.5cm and use 5 pieces. Cut 12 – 15-15-14-12cm from the bottom. Arranged in order Plate – Syrup – Ice Cream – Tangerine Jam.

4. Pre-freeze as if covering the entire surface to prevent debris from floating up.

5. After mixing the tangerine color with a combination of golden yellow, red red and brown, cover with cream.

6. Curved freeze can be done comfortably by cutting and using mustache

7. Insert leaves to complete the mandarin shape.