Delicious Ice Cream And Apple Mango | Apple Mango Cake

Apple mangoes grown in Korea are harvested after fully ripening, so they have a very strong and sweet taste. This is Shilla hotel style apple mango cake made from that apple mango. Polished delicious whipped cream and thick apple mango between well-made plates It is touted as the best fresh fruit tarts of the summer.


Square pan 16.5×16.5cm

175g eggs

vanilla essential oil

95g Sugar

15g Honey

100g cake flour

20g unsalted butter

23g Milk

60g syrup

5g wine

400g fresh cream

15g sugar

40g condensed milk

2 mango apples


1. Beat eggs, add vanilla extract, sugar and starch syrup (or honey), then place over hot water and increase heat to 37 to 42 degrees while stirring slowly.

2. Melt butter and milk in a water bath

3. Whip 1 shot at high speed

4. Once the ribbon shape has been drawn, place the whisk at a right angle and move it slowly on low speed to remove coarse air bubbles to create a smooth and glossy dough.

5. Add the sifted flour and mix well to avoid lumps.

6. Add the same amount of flour to the melted butter and milk (use 50-60 degrees), mix well and mix again into the main dough.

7. Drop and pan the cake on the pan from a height of about 30 cm.

8. Bake in oven at 165 degrees for 25 minutes.

9. Toss right out of the oven and remove from the pan.

10. After cooling, cut off the poor quality bottom and cut into 3 pieces 1.3 cm high.

11. Syrup – 1 part sugar: 2 parts water, gently boil until the sugar dissolves, let it cool. Add liqueur

12. Making ice cream – Fresh cream and sugar. Pour condensed milk into a bowl and whisk. You can whip cream with a smooth and steady texture by placing whipped cream on top of ice.

13. Prune the mango – After peeling, cut to avoid seeds and remove excess moisture on the tissue.

14. Place a sheet of paper on a cake tray or plate and drizzle the syrup on top. On it stacked in order cream – sheet – cream – mango – cream – sheet – syrup

15. Put the cream on top and arrange it.

16. Cut the edges after storing in the refrigerator for half a day. Mango and Yeast. Finish garnish with mint.