Do You Like Mango | Fresh Mango Cream Cake


Eggs 185g

Sugar 95g

Honey or corn syrup 13g,

Baking powder 100g

Unsalted Butter 15g

Milk 20g

Fresh cream 300g

Mascapone Cream Cheese 60g

Sugar 29g

Syrup 50g,

Liqueur 3g


1. Beat eggs, add vanilla extract, sugar and honey in that order, then place over hot water and increase heat to 37 to 42 degrees while stirring slowly.

2. Melt butter and milk in a water bath

3. Whip 1 shot at high speed

4. Once the ribbon shape has been drawn, place the whisk at a right angle and move it slowly on low speed to remove coarse air bubbles to create a smooth and glossy dough.

5, Add the sifted flour and mix well to avoid lumps.

6. Add the same amount of flour to the melted butter and milk, mix well and mix again into the main dough.

7. Drop and pan the cake on the pan from a height of about 30cm.

8. Bake in oven at 165 degrees for 25 minutes.

9. Toss right out of the oven and remove from the pan.

10. After cooling, cut into 1 slice of 1.5cm and 2 slices of 1cm, then cut the edges with a 15cm diameter mousse.

11. Make ice cream – After the cream cheese mascarpone is loose, add the sugar and mix well, then add the fresh cream and whip it.

12. Cut the mango – Cut the edges of the peeled and halved mango and cut the middle into 2mm thick slices.

13. Syrup – 1 part sugar: 2 parts water, gently boil until the sugar dissolves, let it cool.

14. The sheets are stacked in the order of 1.5cm-mango-cream-mango-cream-syrup order.

15. On top, use a thin knife to make mango flowers, then cover with glossy enamel and you’re done.