Taiwanese Pancakes | Full Of Delicious Taste


All-purpose flour 400g

120g boiling water

120g room temperature water

utter 15g

Salt 2g

Room temperature unsalted butter 30g


1. Pour all-purpose flour into the mixing bowl, slowly add boiling water, stir while stirring with chopsticks.
2. Slowly pour in the room temperature water, stirring with a chopstick while pouring and stirring until it forms a ball.

3. Add the butter and salt, knead into a slightly smooth dough with the kitchen machine on slow speed, cover and let the dough rest for about 30 minutes, or can be refrigerated overnight.

4. Divide the dough into 6 parts, roll it out, spread vegetable oil on the surface of the dough (in addition to the size of the dough portion)

5. Grease the cutting board, take a small piece of noodles, flatten it, roll it thin, fold it like a fan, hide the bottom end and make a round cake shape, finally press the bottom closed end, set aside to wake up. noodles and launched the next dish.

6. Roll out the dough, separate it with baking paper, put it in a sealed bag, and put it in the freezer

7. When eating without defrosting, fry / fry until golden brown on both sides, finally use a spoon and chopsticks to pick up the cake, squeeze a few times to squeeze out the dough layer

8. This is the base of hand pancakes, lightly spiced, if you want to eat separately, you can sprinkle a little salt when baking, can be eaten in a different way, can be salty or sweet. Add eggs and fry together to make egg pancakes. You can also scroll them. Add all the ingredients you like to make the burrito, and add the bananas to make the banana pancakes. It’s worth saving a little space for it in the fridge.