Cheesecake Recipe | Delicious Matcha


Matcha sponge cake

2 chicken eggs

60g granulated sugar

55g cake flour

5g green tea powder

10g milk

10g unsalted butter

Bake 170°C/338°F for 30 minutes

Yuzu ice cream

60g mascarpone

16g egg yolk

18g granulated sugar

30g yuzu juice

2g gelatin

80g fresh cream

Mold size 12cm


1. First make the matcha sponge cake, beat eggs and sugar together, whisk over hot water or let eggs reach 37°C/98°F first, 3-4 minutes on high speed, then 1 minute on high speed. low level .

2. Put the cake powder and matcha powder through a sieve, mix until no more dry powder, add milk and heated butter, mix well.

3. Pour into the mold and bake. Once removed from the oven, invert and cool.

4. Make matcha cheese, stir cream cheese and sugar, melt white chocolate, stir in matcha powder, add cream cheese and stir well.

5. Add whipping cream and eggs in step 4, stir well, pour into molds lined with cake slices and bake. Remove from oven, let cool.

6. To make yuzu mousse, soak gelatin in ice water and stir in mascarpone.

7. Beat egg yolks and sugar together, add yuzu water and stir well, cook on low heat until thickened, remove from heat and continue stirring, reduce temperature to below 70℃/158°F, add gelatin soak in and stir well, sift and pour in mascarpone and stir well.

8. Whip the whipping cream, put in step 7 and mix well, then pour into the mold to spread evenly, refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours.

9. When the cake is thick, take it out, spread a thin layer of whipping cream on the cake, break the rest of the sponge cake and spread it on the cake!