3 Flavor Cakes | No Baked Mango Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

It’s an oven-free mango chocolate cheesecake with three flavors that are poured and hardened at the same time. I think the combination of mango and chocolate suits both taste and color. All three flavors are different, so I’m happy every time I take a bite. It is poured all at once and hardened, so when cut, the cross-section takes on a variety of shapes.


2g gelatin + 10g water

180 g mango

40g sugar

3g lemon juice

80g whole wheat crackers

40g melted unsalted butter

350g cream cheese

30g sugar

60g Greek yogurt

3g vanilla extract

7g lemon juice

6g gelatin + 30g water

200g fresh cream

30g condensed milk

70g mango puree

50g Dark Coverture Chocolate

60g mango puree

Creation process


Garnish with mango and puree

1. Peel the mango, cut the flesh of the mango, then cut it into rectangles and slice thinly.

2. Take the remaining pulp separately, cut it into small pieces and put it in the pot.

3. Add water to the gelatin powder and let it rest for a while, put the sugar in a pot and boil until thickened.

4. Add lemon juice, boil a little more and then strain through a sieve.

5. Add the soaked gelatin, mix well and let cool at room temperature.

6. Pour melted butter into the crumbled whole-wheat crackers, mix well, pour into a mousse-lined mold, flatten and refrigerate.

Making cheesecake dough

7. Add water to the gelatin powder and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

8. Heat cream cheese in the microwave for about 20 seconds, then use a hand whisk to stir until soft.

9. Add sugar and mix well, then add plain yogurt, vanilla extract and lemon juice and mix well.

10. Heat the soaked gelatin in the microwave for about 20 seconds, then add to the cheesecake batter and mix well.

11. Whip about 50% whipped cream, then add to the cheesecake mixture and mix well.

12. Take 220g cheesecake powder, add melted dark chocolate and mix well.

13. Take 240g cheese cake flour, add condensed milk and mix well.

14. Add 70g of mango puree to the remaining cheesecake batter and mix well.

15. Place chocolate cheesecake, condensed milk cheesecake, mango cheesecake in order into the mousse mold.

16. Leave in the fridge for about 3 hours and then put sliced mango on top.

17. Put the mango puree in the middle, flatten it and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.