Chocolate Marshmallow Recipe | Chocolate Marshmallow

I made the marshmallows tastier by adding chocolate and chocolate chips. I think it’s a fun baking dish that can be made relatively simply by boiling the ingredients and whisking, and you can add a variety of ingredients to create a variety of flavors. This time, I mixed melted milk chocolate with marshmallows and sprinkled chocolate crumbs on top to harden it. The marble pattern is made naturally, so I think it is more beautiful and attractive. When whisking the boiled syrup, I first beat at low speed until the gelatin dissolves, then increase to medium and high speed, when it rises a lot, I continue to beat at low speed like to create foam. gas. I think making marshmallows is always fun because I like how soft and fluffy it feels.


15g gelatin leaves

200g sugar

80g water

150g starch syrup

3g vanilla extract

70g melted chocolate

50g chocolate chips


1. Lubricate the mold with cooking oil and cover with a layer of paste.

2. Put the gelatin leaves in cold water.

3. Put sugar, water and starch syrup in a pot, boil at low heat to 115-118 degrees, pour into a bowl.

4. Add water in gelatin leaves to Kkokja (3), add vanilla extract and mix gently to melt gelatin.

5. Beat for about 4 minutes until thickened and smooth.

6. Add melted chocolate, mix gently, pour into molds, sprinkle with chocolate chips, let harden at room temperature for about 2 hours.

7. Sprinkle starch on the frozen marshmallow, remove from the mold, cut into pieces with a knife oiled with cooking oil.