Making Milk Tea Crepes | Milk Tea Crepe Cake Attractive Milk Tea

I made a milk tea crepe with a delicious earl milk tea scent. I make custard cream with milk tea, and I put Earl Gray powder in milk in crepe batter, the taste is great. I put a lot of milk cream in the milk tea, the cream is chewy and melts in my mouth so I feel better. Half of the crepe is cut with a hole in the middle and added tapioca pearls, which when eaten together will create a more chewy feeling. Outside the natural pattern, the top is neatly decorated, but I think drinking milk tea is also suitable. If you want to eat chewy pearls, it will taste better right away, but I keep them in the fridge for about 2 hours before making ice, the pearls inside are a bit hard. Out of all the crepes I’ve made, the milk tea crepe I’ve made this time is the best.


Hot Milk Tea 400ml

Earl Gray Powder 3g

4 egg yolks

30g sugar

30g cornstarch

4 eggs

50g sugar


210g soft flour

500ml hot milk

5g earl powder

70g melted unsalted butter

Tapioca Pearls

300g fresh cream


1. Add earl powder to hot milk tea and brew.

2. Add sugar to egg yolks, mix well, add cornstarch, mix well, pour hot milk tea little by little and mix well.

3. Stir over low heat and cook until thickened, transfer to another bowl, cover, cool to room temperature and cool in refrigerator.

4. Add sugar and salt to eggs, mix well, sift flour, add earl powder, add 100ml milk and mix well.

5. Add the rest of the milk, mix well, add melted unsalted butter, mix well, strain through a sieve and refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

6. Put the pan on low heat, apply cooking oil, pour the flour evenly, when the dough is foamy, turn over, heat a little more and then remove from the pan.

7. Bake several times, then let it cool, cut out using a 15cm mold, use a round mold to cut half of the filling in the middle.

8. Put the thinly whipped custard cream with the sugar through a sieve and mix well to form a cream.

9. Repeat stacking crepes and cream alternately on the mold, then stack crepes with holes in the top continuously, put tapioca pearls mixed

with cream in the middle, put them in the fridge for approx. 2 hours to harden.

10. Take out the mold, apply the cream evenly, create a natural shape on one side, squeeze the cream on top with a Mont Blanc pod, garnish with tapioca pearls.