Making Green Tea Cake | Amazing Green Tea Cake Recipe

I made a green tea cake with green tea ice cream sandwiched between 8 cakes. Green tea leaves and vanilla leaves are toasted and cut into 4 thin slices each so they have a high and rich feel. Although the green tea ice cream is covered with a thin layer of ice on top of the cake, the color is beautiful and looks very natural. The beautiful flowing green tea glaze is shining and becoming a highlight. When making yeast, before adding gelatin, mix as if separating layers, but if you add gelatin and mix well, it will blend well. The smell of green tea is quite strong, the ice cream is made by mixing cream cheese and fresh cream, so the taste is salty and richer, so it is very delicious. I think it’s a cake that feels luxurious because it’s neat and tidy.


155 g eggs

90g sugar

10g honey

2g vanilla extract

30 g unsalted butter

45g milk

Green tea

200g cold cream cheese

45g sugar

5g green tea powder

250g fresh cream

20g hot fresh cream

3g green tea powder

60g white chocolate

8g unsalted butter

2g gelatin leaves


1. Put an egg in a pot of hot water, add sugar, honey and vanilla and stir until it reaches 40 degrees.

2. Using an electric mixer, beat until a thick ivory foam is formed, sift in flour and green tea powder and mix well.

3. In a bowl containing melted butter and unsalted milk (temperature: 50-60 degrees), add some flour, mix well, add to the main flour, mix well, pour into 18cm molds and bake in the oven preheated. to 170 degrees in about 35 minutes.

4. Bake the vanilla sheet in the same way, let cool, cut off the top and bottom, cut into 4 sheets into 8 sheets, cut into a 15cm mold.

5. Mix cold cream cheese with sugar, sift green tea powder and mix well, add fresh cream and whip to make ice cream.

6. After alternating the green tea and vanilla leaves, apply the cream evenly and put it in the refrigerator.

7. Put green tea powder into hot whipped cream and mix well.

8. Put a bowl of white chocolate in a pot of hot water to melt the chocolate, add unsalted butter and mix well, then add (7) and mix well.

9. Remove the soaked gelatin leaves, add in (8), mix well, put in an ice cream bag and let cool to lukewarm.

10. Pour yeast over the top edge of the cake and fill the top.