How To Make Tiramisu Crepe Pouch | Tiramisu Crepe Pouch Recipe

I made a cute bag-shaped tiramisu crepe. I used a muffin mold to shape and harden it, so it seems to have turned into a little cake with a mysterious shape. I make ice cream with mascarpone cheese, and the salty and light taste goes well with the coffee. After adding the chocolate sponge, spreading the coffee syrup and stacking the remaining crepes on top to finish, the plate naturally flexes and becomes an interesting shape. I think the crepe is cut with scissors and the stacked shapes look like folds on the bag, which makes it more beautiful.


1 egg

15g sugar


Instant coffee powder 2g

1g vanilla extract

50g soft flour

125g milk

20g melted unsalted butter

30g warm water

10g sugar

1g instant coffee powder

120g mascarpone cheese

25g sugar

120g fresh cream about 60%

1 chocolate sponge cake


1. Add sugar and salt to the eggs, mix well, then add instant coffee powder and vanilla extract and mix well.

2. Finely sifted flour, add a little milk and mix well, then add the rest of the milk and mix well, add melted unsalted butter and mix well.

3. Strain the dough into a cup and refrigerate for about 1 hour.

4. Add sugar and instant coffee powder to warm water and mix well.

5. After kneading the dough, use absorbent paper to mix well, pour the flour into the pan and cook on low heat, spread thinly, when the air bubbles, turn over to cook and then let it cool.

6. Add sugar to mascarpone cheese, gently beat, add whipping cream about 60% thinner and mix well to form cream.

7. Cut the chocolate sponge cake into a circle to fit the size of the muffin pan.

8. Cut crepe dough into 8 parts except the center with scissors, shape them into muffin molds and fill with cream.

9. Place a chocolate sponge cake on top, dip in coffee syrup, use scissors to cut the remaining crepe on one side and wrap the filling in the center.

10. Put the bowl on top of the frame to shape, put in the refrigerator for about 3 hours to harden.