Custard Souffle Pancake Making | Custard Souffle Pancake Recipe

I made soufflĂ© pancakes with a soft icing. For ice cream, I used Diplomat ice cream, which is a mixture of custard and whipped cream, but it tastes much better with ice cream than alone. I bake pancakes by layering, but it seems much more comfortable and the height and shape are beautifully maintained. I poured out the ice cream, sprinkled sugar on top and burned it with a torch, it melted naturally and was delicious. Cream brulee pancakes are sold a lot in the market by putting sugar on top of the cream and they really taste delicious. It’s delicious when eaten with syrup or butter, but I think it’s really good to eat it with a torch on top of the cream.


1 egg yolk

15g sugar

6g cornstarch

100g hot milk

2g vanilla beans

2 egg yolks

2g vanilla extract

20g milk

35g soft flour

2g baking powder

2 egg whites

45g sugar

100g fresh cream 50%


1. Add sugar to egg yolks, mix well, add cornstarch and mix well, pour in hot milk little by little and mix well.

2. Add vanilla bean powder, mix well, cook on low heat, cook until thickened, then transfer to another bowl to cool.

3. Add vanilla extract to egg yolks, mix well, add milk and mix well, sift flour and baking powder and mix well.

4. When whipping the egg whites with large bubbles, divide the sugar into 2 and beat to form a meringue with a hard horny layer.

5. Add a little meringue to the egg yolk mixture and mix well, divide the remaining meringue into 2 times and mix quickly and gently to avoid foaming.

6. Put the dough into a heated pan over low heat, cover and cook for about 5 minutes, divide the dough into 2 layers, lightly sprinkle water on all sides, cover and cook for another 3 minutes.

7. Flip the cake over, cover and cook for 3 more minutes, then remove and let cool.

8. Put the cooled custard cream into a bowl of whipped cream with sugar and sifted about 50% through a sieve to mix well to form cream.

9. Place 2 layers of cooled pancakes on top of each other, gently roll the mousse, spread the cream on top, and then place the mousse to let the cream flow naturally.