How To Make Pomegranate Tarts | Attractive Pomegranate Tarts

I made a tart with a pomegranate that shines like a jewel. Pomegranates can be a little inconvenient to eat because they have seeds, so with the exception of pomegranates for garnish, I made syrup by making juice. When I put the almond cream in the tart and bake it, I sprinkle the pomegranate syrup on top and it soaks up the moisture in the tart. I also add pomegranate syrup to the ice cream and put it on top of the tart. While stacking the ice cream, I took advantage of the naturally upward shape and poured pomegranate syrup inside to harden, which goes well with glossy and glossy pomegranates. Out of all the cheesecakes that don’t need to be baked, I love the pomegranate cheesecake, it has brought back a lot of memories, and I think it’s delicious too.


All-purpose flour 135g

20g almond powder

2g cocoa powder

1g salt

90 g cold unsalted butter

40g cold water

350g pomegranate

100 g sugar

5g lemon juice

40 g unsalted butter

25g powdered sugar

35g eggs

2g vanilla extract

40g almond powder

7g tapioca flour

75g cold cream

150g cold cream cheese

45g pomegranate syrup

25g Pomegranate Syrup

10g warm water

1g gelatin


1. Grind pomegranate seeds with a blender, put in a pot with sugar, bring to a boil, add lemon juice, when slightly thickened, transfer to another bowl, let cool.

2. Mix all-purpose flour, almond flour, cocoa powder and salt in a bowl, then add cold unsalted butter and cut into soboro with a scraper.

3. Add cold water, round balls, cover with cling film and refrigerate for about an hour.

4. Lightly beat unsalted butter, add powdered sugar, mix well, then add eggs and vanilla extract and mix well.

5. Add almond flour and soft flour and mix well.

6. Spread remaining tart dough, place on tart pan, make a hole in the bottom with a fork, pour in almond cream, sprinkle with pomegranate syrup and mix gently.

7. Bake in oven at 170 degrees (preheated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes) for about 40 minutes and let cool.

8. Whip about 50% whipped cream, add cold cream cheese and pomegranate syrup and mix well to make ice cream.

9. Spread pomegranate syrup on the cooled cake, cover with cream, shape and place in the fridge.

10. Mix pomegranate syrup with warm water, add gelatin, mix well, pour over ice cream, refrigerate for about 30 minutes to harden.