How To Make Mango Crepe | Mango Crepes

I made a mango crepe with a different shape by rolling the crepe. Like the roll cake, I make crepes filled with cream and mango, roll it up and then stand it, but the cut is very unique and different. The delicately glazed exterior contains mango puree for a luxurious feel. If you make buttercream and harden it in the fridge, it will keep its shape well and the ice cream goes well with the taste of the mango and is delicious. I think it is advisable to slice the mangoes as thinly as possible so that they dry well. It’s a cake in a shape I’ve never seen before, so it’s a lot of complicated work, but I had fun making it.


3 eggs

40g sugar

1g salt

150g soft flour

375g milk

50g melted unsalted butter


300g unsalted butter

250g powdered sugar

100g fresh cream

10g vanilla extract

80g mango puree

100g white chocolate

40g fresh cream

60g starch syrup

5g gelatin leaves

80g warm mashed mango

Food coloring orange, yellow, white


1. Add sugar and salt to the eggs, mix well, sift flour, add about 100g of milk and mix well.

2. Add all remaining milk, mix well, add melted unsalted butter, mix well, strain through a sieve and refrigerate for about an hour.

3. Put the pan on low heat, apply cooking oil, pour the flour evenly, when the dough is foamy, turn it over, cook for a while, then take it out and let it cool.

4. Unsalted unsalted butter to soften at room temperature, divide the powdered sugar into 2 and beat, then add fresh cream and vanilla and beat just enough for 5 minutes until stiff.

5. Add mango puree and whisk to finish.

6. Divide the cooled crepe into 3 parts, attach 2 to 3 cakes together, apply cream and roll up.

7. Join crepes together, spread cream, place sliced mango on top, cover with cream and roll up several times.

8. As the size increases, apply cream to one side and place on a plate with the applied side facing down.

9. Spread the cream over and place the mango crepes side by side for adhesion, spread the cream evenly over the surface and let it harden in the fridge for more than 5 hours.

10. Remove the hardened cake again and apply cream to arrange.

11. Put fresh cream and starch syrup into white chocolate, microwave for about 30 seconds to melt, add warm mashed mango and mix well, then add soaked gelatin and mix well.

12. Add food coloring to create color, filter through a sieve, pour on top of cake, re-coated and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.