Soft And Fluffy Egg Rice Balls | Easy But Delicious


3 eggs

1.5 Dumplings bowl

100g Spam

Dried seaweed

Thick seaweed

Spring onion


1. Green onions. You can use parsley instead or you can omit it. 3 eggs. Clean up. 2 tablespoons milk. 1/2 tablespoon sugar. 1/4 teaspoon salt. Low temperature. Cooking oil. 1/2 mix

2. Eggs. Draw the sides of the egg to the center. Gently poke until the cake is cooked. The remaining egg mixture (1/2). Spam. Use a paper towel to remove excess oil from Spam. 1.5 bowls of dumplings. A little salt Cut the egg after it cools a bit.

3. Put the end of the egg (about 1/3) into the rice. Spam and thick seaweed. You can cut neatly with scissors. I prefer to crush it by hand. It’s faster. 1/2 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds. Dried seaweed. Cut.

4. Make rice balls. Dried seaweed. Use dried seaweed to wrap the sides of the egg. Green onions You can make 6 with 1.5 bowls of rice. OH! Delicious rice balls and soft eggs! It is really delicious.