Ham Cheese Roll | Delicious To Eat Every Day

♥ Ingredient

Green rice

Dried seaweed


Ham for Sandwich


Perilla leaves


Pickled radish

♥ Recipe

1. Pour in egg mixture. Cook the other side briefly. One more time. Turn over. Cut the edges to make a square. Less than 2 Plain rice (500-600g). A little salt. Some toasted sesame seeds. 2/3 tbsp sesame oil Mix. Dried seaweed.

2. Cut into wide stripes. I do without scissors. Ready to make gimbap Dried seaweed, eggs, ham sandwich. Cheese, perilla leaves. 1 tablespoon Stir the rice. Sriracha Sauce with Salt, Cucumber and Cuon.

3. You can use dumplings as glue to attach seaweed. Again…, Seaweed, eggs, ham, cheese, perilla leaves, rice. Roll. Eggs, ham, cheese, veggies… Looks like I’m making a sandwich. But add rice and roll it instead of putting it in the middle of the bread.

4. This time, I omitted the pickled radish. Cute rice rolls Take a look inside. It is very cute and quite gimbap. Yum. Yum. It tastes cool and fresh like a sandwich. I feel like I could eat this everyday.