Crispy And Soft | Potato Cheese Donuts Are Super Delicious

♥ Ingredient 

3 potatoes

2 eggs



Potato starch


Bread crumbs

♥ Recipe

1. Cut. Flatten the potato belly. It will be easier to place and cut. I check it every 3 minutes but it is optional. Hot! Hot! After 3 minutes of cooking, I mixed the potatoes to cook evenly. Cook for an additional 3 minutes in the microwave. Remove excess water.

2. You can cook potatoes on the stovetop instead of the microwave. Add 3 minutes in the microwave. Lightly poke the potato to check if it’s fully cooked. 1 teaspoon salt and pepper is enough. Mashed potato. You can just eat this. It’s also very delicious. 3 Tbsp potato starch. I will use the onion just like the donut mold.

3. Mozzarella Cheese Cut to the same size of the onion. You can use sliced mozzarella if you can easily find it in your area. Place mozzarella cheese along the inside of the onion. Teflon sheets and cooking gloves. I’m ready to fight! Are not! cook !! Because of the potato starch, it looks like regular dough.

4. But do not add too much potato starch. The original taste of potatoes is better. Attach the potatoes around the onion. Add enough potatoes. Perfect donut shape. Hide and seek. Hide it perfectly. Good! Let’s go prepare the dough.

5. Flour. Dip in flour. Cover carefully. It has a pretty egg yellow color. Finally, the breadcrumbs. Press. Press to stick the breadcrumbs well. Average heat. Enough cooking oil. Preheating the cooking oil is important to get crispy donutsIt is heavier than normal donuts. Be careful not to splash the oil.

6. Don’t touch it often. Wait and turn over when the underside is crispy. Crispy sound!