Crispy On The Outside Soft On The Inside | Perfect reakfast

♥ Ingredient


Smoked pork



Corn cake


Salsa: Tomato, onion, jalapeno, salt, pepper

Spicy Sauce: Sriracha Sauce, Mayonnaise


1. You can adjust the amount of jalapenos. A little salt Black pepper.
Taste and adjust the amount of salt. The delicious salsa is done. Salad. Softer. Softer. 1 tablespoon Mirin or cooking wine 1TBSP Sugar. A little salt. Low temperature. Enough cooking oil.

2. Egg mixture. Gently stir until the eggs are soft. Cook to 80-90%, the rest cook with residual heat. Super soft eggs melt in your mouth. 120g bacon. Low average temperature. A little oil can be added or omitted.

3. Sauce – 1 tbsp mayonnaise + 1 tbsp sriracha sauce. Heat the tortilla over low heat to soften it. Take it out when the soles of its feet warm up. Place cheese and 2 tablespoons salsa. Lettuce, Sriracha + Mayo, Bacon. Egg.

4. Place cheese on top again and cover. Happy ending!. I used tortillas that were 10 inches in diameter. Adjust the amount of ingredients depending on the size. You can change the ingredients to what you like.

5. Order a bunch of your favorite ingredients and pack them. You can eat it whole, but I’ll make it crispy on the outside. Place the burrito, edge down, on the preheated pan. Make it an even light brown. It looks better after browning. The outside becomes crisper and tastier.

6. Dissect the abdomen to see the inside. Full of super soft eggs! Just mouth!. Sweet eggs, salty bacon and spicy sauce! It is perfect. Crispy outside and soft inside! It is really delicious!. Try to make it. You will like it.