Make Strawberry Fromage Double Cheesecake | Delicious And Attractive

I made a strawberry double fromage cheesecake with a lovely and elegant color You can enjoy the two cheesecakes together as this is a rare cheesecake that has a layer of strawberry powder on the bottom and a layer of cheese cool mascarpone at the top. The toasted genoise has a pink color that goes well with the strawberries and toppings, and the raw strawberries are hard on top of the rare cheesecake, which I think gives it a more lovely feel. When cut, there are fresh strawberries inside, creating a luxurious and elegant cheesecake. When baking cheesecake, it will be easier to separate the cake from the mold if you place a Teflon sheet in the mold and bake. I added strawberry powder for baking and added fresh strawberries for a more strawberry flavor so I could eat more refreshingly. I think it would be nicer and cleaner if the color of the genoise and the color of the toasted cheesecake were similar.

♥ Ingredient

3 eggs

75g sugar

8g honey

2g vanilla extract

25 g unsalted butter

40g milk

90g soft flour

pink food coloring

200g cream cheese

40g sugar

1 egg

2g vanilla extract

3g lemon juice

40g fresh cream

6g soft flour

5g strawberry powder

pink food coloring

150g mascarpone cheese

30g sugar

2g vanilla extract

3g gelatin sheet

150g whipped cream about 50%

♥ Recipe 

1. Put an egg in a pot of hot water, add sugar, honey and vanilla and stir until it reaches 40 degrees.

2. Use an electric mixer to beat until frothy ivory, add pink food coloring to create color, sift in soft flour and mix well.

3. Put a little cake flour in a bowl with melted butter and milk (temperature 50-60 degrees), mix well, put in the main bowl of flour, mix well, pour into 18cm molds, bake. an oven preheats to 170 degrees for about 30 minutes.

4. Cut off the top and bottom of the cooled sheet and cut into 2 pieces.

5. Lightly beat cream cheese, add sugar, mix well, add eggs, vanilla extract and lemon juice and mix well.

6. Add fresh cream and mix well, sift in flour, mix with strawberry powder, add pink food coloring to create color.

7. Place a cake plate on the bottom of a 15cm mold, pour in the cheesecake batter, bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for about 25 minutes, let cool to room temperature, and then place in the fridge.

8. Add sugar and vanilla extract to mascarpone cheese, gently dissolve, add melted gelatin, mix well, then add 50% diluted whipping cream and mix well.

9. Place the sliced strawberries on top of the cooled cheesecake, pour in the cheesecake batter, flatten, and set in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

10. Cut off the edge of the remaining cake and sift it into flour.

11. Remove the hardened cheesecake from the mold, evenly coat the remaining cheese powder on top and cover with a layer of cake flour.