Soft Rolls | So Soft And Delicious

♥ Ingredient

3 yolks

28 g sugar

0.5g salt

5g honey

2 g vanilla extract

15g water

100 g egg whites

53 g sugar

62g cake flour

32 g vegetable oil

150g fresh cream

15g sugar

♥ Recipe

1. Beat until sugar is completely dissolved.15 g water When sugar is dissolved, add room temperature water in two parts and whisk. 100g egg white, 55g sugar. When it forms white foam, add half of the sugar and beat for 40 seconds, then add the rest of the sugar. 2g lemon juice

2. Make a meringue that is soft and slightly curved at the top. Add half of the meringue and mix 62g of soft flour Strain the soft flour through a sieve and mix until no lumps remain. 32 g vegetable oil. Put a little dough into the vegetable oil that has been heated to 70 degrees and mix well.

3. Return it to the dough and mix. Add rest of the meringue and mix Flatten top with scraper Bake in preheated oven at 165 degrees for 20 minutes. Once baking is complete, immediately transfer to a cooling rack and remove the foil from the edge.
When cool to the touch, trim the edges of the paper.

4. Flip it over a cotton cloth or parchment and remove the foil. 150g fresh cream + 15g sugar Hard whipped cream Condensed milk Fresh cream puffs are delicious when you eat them after about 12 hours in the fridge for 12 hours