Chocolate Roll Cake | Soft Smooth Delicious

I made a Swiss Roll with a unique pattern. I watched it on social media overseas and it looked so interesting and amazing so I did it. The point is to knead the dough, stir it up and down, stir on both sides to create a pattern then bake. I think it would be better to use the back of a knife or the back of a small spoon as a stirrer. The broken dough has few large bubbles and has a high density, so it is a moist and soft cake. You can add a variety of different types of cream to the inside of the sandwich, but I applied ganache that can be served hot, rolled up, shaped while hot, and chilled in the fridge. While making it, I was looking forward to it, and I thought it was fun and novel.

♥ Ingredient

4 egg yolks

15g sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

40 g vegetable oil

60g milk

75g soft flour

Meringue 4 egg whites + 60g sugar

10g cocoa powder

20g warm milk

Chocolate ganache 60g + fresh cream 30g

♥ Recipe

1. Add the sugar and vanilla extract to the egg yolk and mix well, then add the vegetable oil and milk and mix well.

2. Sift and mix the flour, then divide the meringue into 3 times and mix well.

3. Transfer 2/5 of the dough to another bowl, mix the cocoa powder and warm milk and mix into the dough.

4. Put the white dough into the pan, press it flat, squeeze the chocolate dough with an ice cream bag, stir it up and down, flip it on both sides, and then put it in the preheated oven at 170 degrees for 20-22 minutes.

5. Remove the parchment, spread the ganache over the whites, roll up the parchment paper and let it cool in the fridge.