Super Crispy Potato Popcorn | Simple But Delicious

♥ Ingredient

250g potatoes

6g coarse salt

10g corn starch

1 egg

2 pinch salt

150g bread crumbs

Cooking oil

♥ Recipe

1. Take the potatoes out and wash them in cold water. Put them in. Mix starch and potatoes, 1 egg. Add 2 pinch of salt

2. Blending. Select one. Put it in the egg water. Put breadcrumbs on it. All I have to do is fry them

3. Set the heat to medium low. Cooking oil. When the oil boils. Place the square potato in it. Fry them for 3 minutes then turn them over

4. It is golden brown. Take them out. After a while, fry them again. Fry over medium low heat for 2 minutes. Take them out

5. It’s hot, so let it cool a bit and eat them. Crispy outside and soft inside. It is the best!