Making Crispy Cheese Pie | Delicious And Easy To Eat

Cheese toast is easy to make on a busy morning.

♥ Ingredient

2 slices of bread

Favorite Cheese

Unsalted Butter

♥ Recipe

1. Unsalted butter. Spread soft butter on one side of the bread. If you brush all the edges, it will be very crispy. Prepare 4 slices of your favorite cheese. I prepared cheddar, mozzarella and gouda

2. I recommend adding mozzarella cheese. Remove the wrapping paper from the cheese. Please reheat at low temperature. Put the avocado side down
Place cheese on one side of bread

3. Time to meet the bread. Cook slowly over low heat so as not to burn, so be careful. When it is golden brown and the cheese is slightly melted. Flip and cook the other side as well.

4. Wait until the cheese melts and you’re done!. Cheese toast is here! Wow crispy and delicious

5. The rich butter and cheese melt in your mouth.