How To Make The Best Matcha Madeleines | Madeleines White Chocolate Cake

This recipe is Matcha Madeleine. I really like the taste of matcha and white chocolate. Shall we say that the bitterness of matcha is covered by the soft milky taste of white chocolate? So last time I put white chocolate chips in matcha cookies. Matcha Gateau also has white chocolate in it. This time I also melted the white chocolate in the madeleine batter. Madeleine itself doesn’t have a chocolate coating on it. It’s moist and smooth, and I can taste the white chocolate, so it’s really delicious.


♥ Ingredient

Madeleine Matcha Powder

84g unsalted butter

82g whole egg

76g white sugar

12g honey

76g tapioca flour

6g green tea powder

2.5g baking powder

30g angelica


♥ Recipe

1. Gently turn the eggs at room temperature.

2. Add sugar, salt and honey and mix until all sugar is dissolved with a whisk.

3. Sift flour and mix thoroughly with a whisk.

4. Melt butter and white chocolate together in microwave or double cooker.

5. Adjust the temperature of melted butter and chocolate between 4-60 degrees and mix them into the dough.

6. Leave the finished dough in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

7. Rotate about 90% of each mold.

8. Bake in a preheated oven at 210 degrees for 4 minutes, then lower to 190 degrees for another 7 minutes. Baking time and temperature may vary slightly depending on mold capacity and oven performance.