Making Baked Potatoes 3 Flavors | Non-Fried Snack Recipe

I made fries that I could eat without feeling heavy. I made 3 flavors by adding different flavor powders to the potatoes and mixing them. It’s really crunchy when thinly sliced and it’s fun to eat because it has so much flavor. I think it became a more special potato chip when I flattened it with a cookie cutter and baked it.

♥ Ingredient

660g potatoes

Salt and pepper

Garlic powder, chili powder

Parmesan cheese powder


♥ Recipe

1. Cut the potato into slices.

2. Put everything in a pot, add water to cover 2/3 of the potato.

3. Boil until potatoes are completely soft.

4. Take out the cooked potatoes and put them in a bowl.

5. Crush.

6. Put it down through a sieve.

7. Add some salt and pepper, mix well.

8. Take 1/3 of the amount and put it in the ice cream bag.

9. Divide into two parts.

10. Put the garlic powder and fine red chili powder aside and mix well.

11. Put in ice cream bag.

12. Add the cheese powder and parsley to the rest of the bowl and mix.

13. Put in ice cream bag.

14. Knead the dough on a Teflon sheet or parchment paper.

15. Cover with cling film and press firmly to flatten.

16. I had a cookie shape, so I pressed it down. Can be pressed with a cup or flat-bottomed tool.

17. I baked it in the oven at 165 degrees for about 13 to 15 minutes. The temperature and time may vary depending on the thickness of the potato and the oven, if the potatoes are discolored but soggy, bake for another 3-4 minutes like drying at a low temperature of 140 degrees. If the oven is small, it will take a long time to bake. I think it would be better to freeze the pressed potatoes and then fry them.