How To Make Raspberry Cake | Raspberry Layer Cake

♥ Ingredient

Cake mold size 39cm 29cm

Cake plate

110 g egg yolks

28g sugar

125g egg whites

60g sugar

55 g baking powder

30g Milk

20g unsalted butter

Raspberry syrup

30g water

20g sugar

30g raspberry juice

5g raspberry wine

Raspberry ice cream

160g fresh cream

48g Mascarpone cheese

16g sugar

35 g mashed raspberries

Decorative whipped cream

150g fresh cream

12g sugar

♥ Recipe

Cake plate

1. Them path to the yolk and beat until light in color.

2. Make meringues as hard as a bird’s beak by adding sugar to the whites in three parts

3. Add 1/2 of the meringue to the yolk first and mix gently.

4. Add the flour that has been roughened in 3 and mix gently with a spatula.

5. Add the remaining 1/2 of the whipped sugar and mix lightly with a drum.

6. Add 1 whipped cream to the milk + butter with a temperature hotter than 50 degrees and mix well.

7. Give 6 return to back the bot and merge to get by pull.

8. Pour the dough into a paper-lined mold and use a flat groove.

9. Toss lightly and bake for 12 minutes at 180 degrees. Preheat the oven. My oven is on the hot side. Bake in a regular home oven, not a saver oven, by raising the temperature to about 10 degrees

10. Peel off the paper from the top of the baking sheet, let cool, cut the edges and divide into three parts.

Raspberry syrup

1. Boil water, sugar and pureed sticky rice until it boils once.

2. When reduced, add liqueur and mix well. If no liqueur can be omitted.

3. Spread the syrup evenly over the baking surface of the three cut sheets.

Raspberry ice cream

1. Whisk together whipped cream, mascarpone, sugar, and jaggery and beat vigorously over ice. Make sure you use whipped cream, mascarpone, and chilled coconut jam.

2. Apply the cream evenly on only two of the three sheets of paper that have been cut and applied.

3. Line up three sheets of paper correctly. At this point, spread the top sheet and lay it on.

4. Harden in the refrigerator or freezer for neat cuts.

5. Trim the ends neatly with a bread knife and divide into 6 equal parts.

Changti ice cream for page

1. Add the sugar to the whipped cream and whip it.

2. Start the cake with a chiffon crust.

3. Garnish with raspberries.