Making Cherry Pistachio Tarts | Tasty Pie

♥ Ingredient

Almond Saber part

Soft Powder 176g

Almond Powder 22g

Powdered Sugar 66g

Unsalted Butter 106g

2g salt

Eggs 34g

Pistachio cream

60g unsalted butter

60g powdered sugar

60g eggs,

54g almond powder

6g soft flour

23g pistachio

5g Kirsch

18 canned Amarena cherries

Pistachio Whipped Ganache

Fresh cream A 67g

Turmeric starch syrup 15g

White Coverture 105g

Fresh cream B 150g

Pistachio powder 15g

♥ Recipe

Sword almond part

1. Put flour, almond flour, sugar powder on the workbench and mix well. Add diced cold butter and use a grater to finely chop rice. Add eggs and salt and mix as cut.

2. If the white powder is hard to see, form a ball and apply the powder. Wrap in cling film and roll into a long rectangle 2.5mm thick. After cooling in the freezer, cut the bottom and sides separately. Insert the bottom and edges into the perforated tart ring and clean the top with a knife.

Pistachio almond ice cream

1. Lightly liquid butter at room temperature.Add powdered sugar to butter and beat with hand mixer until creamy. Beat eggs at room temperature by adding little by little in batches. Add room temperature pistachio powder and whisk.

2. Sift almond flour and soft flour and mix well with a spatula. Fill about 50% of the ponsage tart pan and place 3 canned cherries on top. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for 25 minutes and let cool.

Pistachio Whipped Ganache

1. Put fresh cream A and starch syrup in a pot and heat until it boils. Pour over the white coating, wait a while, mix well with a spatula and emulsify to form ganache. Add room temperature pistachio powder and mix well.

2. Add fresh cream B at room temperature, mix well until the mixture is homogeneous and then put in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Whip the cream that has been aged for a day using a hand mixer. Garnish by freely placing the cream on the baked tart paper and letting it cool.