Make Mugwort With Bean Paste Cream | Strange But Delicious

It’s not sweet, it’s salty, and it’s a soft, supple taste that lasts forever. This recipe is not a gyato. Baked in a double boiler, it has a moist texture and is moderately thick. I think it’s the lightest gytto I’ve ever eaten. Eat it cold, it will be soft, leave it at room temperature for a while to enjoy it. The Injeolmi cream that gently wraps the skin is a godsend! If you don’t have wormwood powder, you can try making it with powdered green tea or matcha powder.

♥ Ingredient

15cm  round mold

Gateau mugwort chocolate

40g butter

20g sugar

34g egg yolk

60g egg whites

15g fresh cream

40g flour

1g baking powder

8g mugwort powder

74g egg whites,

40g sugar

♥ Tips

1. Let the butter, eggs, and whipped cream come to room temperature first. Melt the white chocolate first and reduce the temperature to 30 to 35 degrees.

2. If you use 2 special eggs, that’s the perfect amount. Line the tin with foil first and preheat the oven.

♥ Recipe

1. Place softened butter at room temperature in a bowl, beat with an electric mixer, then add sugar A and mix until the granules are a little smaller and the color of the butter is light. I used a hand mixer because the amount was small and it didn’t work as well with a hand mixer.

2. Divide the non-cold yolk in half, mix well with a whisk. At this stage, if done lightly, after baking, sugar particles may remain and float on the surface like white spots. Even if it’s irritating, mix just enough with a whisk.

3. Add melted and cooled white chocolate at a temperature of 30-35 degrees and mix well with a whisk. In the summer like now, be careful not to add the chocolate while it’s too hot. Butter may melt. Conversely, if you leave it at too low a temperature in the winter, be careful because the chocolate can harden and the dough can harden.

4. Add warm whipped cream and mix with a whisk. Sift wormwood powder, soft flour, baking powder and mix well with a spoon. Put the egg whites in another bowl and beat the sugar B into three parts to form a stiff meringue.

5. Divide the meringue into the dough in 2 and mix gently with a spatula so that the mass does not come off. After frying in a round pan, bake in a double boiler at 160 degrees for 40 minutes. Adjust the temperature and time according to the performance of your oven. It doesn’t have to be cooked in a double boiler, but I think it tastes better because it has a moist feel. “Gyatto” was baked once and left to cool in the mold.

Ice cream Injeolmi

150g fresh cream

17g condensed milk

5g sugar

12g roasted soybean powder

♥ Recipe

1. Put cold fresh cream, condensed milk, sugar, bean powder at the beginning and beat really well. Since soybean meal can clump, sift through it once.

2. Decorate with icing on the cooled cake. Cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.