Tropical Cream Bread | Eat With Bread

I made a cookie called Tropezien. A pastry made by sandwiching custard and whipped cream on brioche-covered bread from the south of France.

♥ Ingredient

9 loaves of bread 8cm

250g flour

40g sugar

4g salt

8 g raw yeast

3 eggs 150g

110g unsalted butter

1 egg yolk

10g waterp

Pearl sugar


2g gelatin

10g water

2 egg yolks

20g sugar

15g flour

150g milk

10 g butter


200g fresh cream

Mascara 50g

250g fresh cream

30g powdered sugar


100g of water

50g sugar

Orange blossom water

♥ Recipe

1. First I made Brioche. You can use dry or fresh yeast. Bake this for about 5 minutes. After mixing the butter with the flour, knead the dough for about 5 minutes. Place the fabric in the refrigerator until the next day.

2. Since the butter is hard, it’s easier for you to make. Divide the dough into 60g. Place a cooking plate in the form of 8 cm. Let the dough rise for 2 hours in a slightly warm place. Here I make custard cream. different from milk. Heat the cream properly.

3. It boils and stays hot for about 30 seconds. Add butter and gelatin to the cream. Wrap ice cream in plastic wrap and refrigerate. Apply the yolk on the fabric like this. Remove form while hot.

4. Whip the cold custard cream. I make extra whipped cream for custard cream. If you can buy whipped cream with 38% fat or more, you don’t need mascara. Be sure to whip the cream until it hardens. Ice cream is popular in French bakeries by mixing butter into custard cream. This dish is also very delicious.

5. Make syrup and add Brioche. Accompanied by the scent of orange blossom is the standard for this confectionery. Brioche puffs well.