Strawberry And Cherry Jelly Cake Recipe | Always Good

♥ Ingredient

200g strawberries

20g sugar

30g sour cherry jam

Rice paper dipping sauce

100 g puree

1.5g gelatin


7g gelatin

300g fresh cream

40g sugar

150g puree


MSG 16g

60g sugar

500g water

3 frozen strawberries

15g lemon juice

Porous cake



♥ Recipe

1. I first pureed it. Place the strawberries and sugar in a hot saucepan. Turn off the heat when it boils. Add sour cherry jam to it. Puree them in a blender. I make the sauce for the middle of the cake.

2. Heating the plastic wrap will remove those wrinkles. Freeze this properly. The sponge cake is used to line the bottom of this cake. I make whipped cream and whipped cream. Puree, please add warm gelatin to about ℃50.

3. Now it’s just as delicious. The mousse is 10cm long, 4.5cm high. Place frozen sauce in this center. Put the mousse about 2cm into the 14cm mold. Warm it up to about 60℃.

4. I used strawberry because I’m adding some color here. Strain it and remove the seeds. Then I went to assemble the cake. Put some jelly and harden it. When this part hardens, add the jelly until the mousse is gone.

5. Load the fruit here and refrigerate it tightly. Refrigerate the cake until the next day. Since the jelly sticks to the cooking tray, please melt it a little.