How To Make Strawberry And Rose Macarons | Giant Pink Strawberry Macarons

♥ Ingredient

Macarons 15cm

65 g egg whites

70g sugar


70g almond powder

70g powdered sugar

Small Macaron 150℃ 13 minutes

24 min large macaroons

Rose Ice Cream

2 egg whites

100g sugar

230g unsalted butter

Rose essence

2 egg yolks

40g sugar

100g milk


18 strawberries

Franboise, Pomegranate…

♥ Recipe


1. Make meringues by warming egg whites and sugar to 50℃ and then adding food coloring. Add the almond shake and powdered sugar and mix with the gum.

2. Mix until the dough drops slowly before there are any traces of falling. Fill a bag of grapes and weave a 15 cm circular fabric. Make a mini macaron with the remaining fabric.

3. Bake small macarons at 150°C for 13 minutes and large macarons at 150°C for 24 minutes.

Rose ice cream

1. Make meringues by warming egg whites and sugar to 50℃. Unsalted butter is adjusted to about 25°C in the microwave, and adds a rose scent.

2. Add some warm milk to the egg yolk and sugar mixture and return it to the pot. While mixing the dough well, heat the dough to ℃ 80 and whip with electric hoippa. Add the unsalted butter little by little and mix well to add the meringue. Be careful because the butter is separated from the cold.

3. Assemble the macaroons, cream and strawberries.