Gold Shine Muscat No Baked Cheesecake | Extremely ttractive

♥ Ingredient

White Chocolate Flavored Unbaked Cheese Powder

Cream cheese 200g

Sugar 50g

White Chocolate: 20g

Fresh cream 20ml

Gelatin powder 5g

Water 25ml

Yogurt 40g

Fresh cream 70ml

Vanilla essence few drops

Shine Muscat

♥ Recipe

1. Finely chop white chocolate. Cut Shine Muscat into pieces. Whip 70ml fresh cream for 5 minutes and refrigerate until use.

2. After heating the cream cheese in the microwave and kneading, add the granulated sugar and grind it. Mix yogurt and vanilla extract. Boil the cream and add it to the white chocolate to emulsify.

3. Mix gelatin and cream well and quickly pour into the mold. Add the trimmed Shine Muscat pieces and other ingredients as needed.