Night Cake | Tasty Recipes

♥ Ingredient

60g egg whites

60g sugar

10g cornstarch

10g powdered sugar

100℃ 150 minutes

Sour lychee

60g unsalted butter

35g powdered sugar

1/2 egg

120g flour

150 g cream

5g sugar

200g chestnut powder

70g unsalted butter


♥ Recipe

1. Shake and add cornstarch and powdered sugar. After mixing, place in an aperture bag. Bake for a long time at low heat to dry well.

2. As the temperature increases, the fabric becomes softer, so act quickly. Increase the thickness to about 3 mm. Make it 6 cm in diameter.

3. Bake gently on low heat.Make whipped cream. What I use is a hard chestnut paste. Add softened butte. Boil the rum to evaporate the alcohol. Be careful as it is flammable with alcohol. Turn off the heat on the stove, when the rum turns off the heat, the wine is gone.

4. alcohol is gone, leaving only the scent of rum in the ice cream.4. Rest this assembly. After shaping the whipped cream, squeeze the malone buttercream. Ice cream hardens as it cools in the fridge, so you can round it up here.

5. Sprinkle with powdered sugar to finish. The cookies and meringues are fresh and delicious too.