Make Soft And Moist Castella Pies | Oil Free Fryer

I made a total of 40 castellas, trying to make castella dough with honey and without baking powder, ratio of butter to milk, cooking oil instead of butter and ratio of flour, and I will tell you the best recipe . Castella this time is a public method, not a private method, so it looks a bit complicated, but I made the video as easy to follow as possible. I prefer the public method because it’s easier and less broken. If you follow it, you’ll end up with a soft, moist cup of castella. Store at room temperature if used up within 3-4 days. For long-term storage, please refrigerate. The air fryer gets very hot, so be careful not to burn it.

♥ Ingredient

One cup soft flour 70g

1/3 teaspoon baking powder

Half cup sugar 60g

1 tablespoon honey 15g

2 eggs

3 tablespoons milk 30g

20g unsalted butter

A little salt 1g

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3g

♥ Recipe

1. You can omit the baking powder and make it less fluffy

2. Prepare a ball that is not greasy or wet

3. If you use the spatula too much when mixing, the bubbles will disappear.

4. Warm the butter and milk to the temperature and mix with the flour.

5. When mixing oil and flour, mix quickly to avoid foaming. Under 30 spoons

6. Remove immediately after baking to avoid spillage.

7. Leave it at room temperature for a day to make it sweeter and tastier.