How To Make Green Grape Shine Muscat | Really Delicious

I made a green currant cake with fragrant and delicious Shine Muscats. I filled Shine Muscat into the mold, hardened the jelly, and then put it in the cake to freeze. I made cream cheese and used it, but it went well with the green grapes and was really delicious. Cointreau can be omitted, but adding it will make it much fresher and more flavorful. The cake mold is high, so the side has a natural pattern, I decorate it with grape thread for neatness. It’s delicious with just one bite, it’s full of grapes, so I think the visuals are pretty~

♥ Ingredient

40g water

8g gelatin

150g water

25g sugar

10g lemon juice

210g eggs 4 pieces

120g sugar

4g vanilla extract

35g unsalted butter

40g milk

115g soft flour

250g fresh cream

65g sugar

400g cream cheese


♥ Recipe

1. Add the gelatin powder to the water and mix well. Leave for at least 10 minutes. Add sugar and lemon juice to the water and mix well.

2. Heat the soaked gelatin in the microwave for about 20 seconds to melt, then add the lemon juice and mix well.

3. Put Shine Muscat into the mold, pour in lemon juice, refrigerate for more than 2 hours to harden.

4. Place an egg on top of a pot of hot water, add sugar and vanilla extract, mix well and increase the temperature to about 40 degrees.

5. Remove the bowl from the pot, place the bowl with butter and milk on the pot about 50 to 60 degrees.

6. Beat until foamy, sift in flour and mix well.

7. Put a little flour in the bowl with the butter and milk, mix well and then return to the main bowl of flour and mix well.

8. Pour into mold, tap bottom to remove large air bubbles and bake in oven at 175 degrees for about 37 minutes.

9. After cooling, cut into 3 pieces and trim off the edges.

10. Add sugar to whipped cream, then add cold cream cheese and Cointreau orange and beat to make whipped cream.

11. Place the cake mold on a cutting board, spread the cream, then put the hardened Shine Muscat on top and spread the cream.

12. Place a sheet of paper, apply cream and ice, and decorate the top with a sign.