How To Make Raw Chocolate | Raw Chocolate With White Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

How to make raw chocolate with white chocolate for Valentine’s Day. The healing of sounds and recipes for loved ones.

♥ Ingredient

White chocolate ganache

White Chocolate 240g

Fresh cream 35% 60ml

Starch syrup 20g

Unsalted Butter 15g

♥ Recipe

1. Chop the white chocolate into small pieces and place in a pot of hot water with all ingredients except the butter.

2. When the mixture is well mixed, add the butter and mix gently. It will separate along the way, but if you mix gently, the layer separation can be resolved.

3. Pour into 21 x 7 cm molds and refrigerate for 1 day to harden. The next day, remove from the mold and cut into pieces 1.7-2 cm wide.
Insert a pin into the refrigerator.

♥ Ingredient


White Chocolate 150g

Chocolate coating 150g


1. Prepare 150g each of the coated chocolate and white chocolate and melt them in a pot of hot water at 50℃ or in the microwave.

2. When the lumps disappear, cover with raw chocolate. Lightly warm the remaining chocolate and decorate with a chocolate pen.