Strawberry Cheese Crepe Recipe | Delicious Every Piece

Since the cherry blossom season is coming, I finished it with gusto. Mochimochi crepe and rare soft cheese. And I think it ended in a delicious sweet and sour sauce. I hope you enjoy it to the end.

♥ Ingredient

Crepe dough

100 Flour

20g Sugar

60g Whole Eggs

150ml milk

30g butter

♥ Recipe

1. Put flour and granulated sugar in a bowl, mix well with eggs.

2. Add milk little by little.

3. Bake the dough with the toasted butter. Melted butter is fine, but if you like the aroma, I recommend burnt butter.

4. Cakes are covered with cling film to prevent them from drying out.

♥ Ingredient

Rare Cheese

150g Cream cheese

30g Sugar

70g plain yogurt

150ml thick cream

3g turmeric starch

♥ Recipe

1. Cream cheese at room temperature until soft, add granulated sugar and beat all together. Add 2 drained yogurt.

2. Boil gelatin in water and combine with cheese. Add whipped cream for 47 minutes