Oreo’s Tiramisu | For Mixing And Cooling Only

This time I made tiramisu with Oreo and mascarpone. All you have to do is mix it and chill it in the fridge, so it’s easy to make even for beginners.

♥ Ingredient

530ml square

12 Oreos

120g cream cheese

Fresh cream 220ml

Liquid coffee 50ml

Unsweetened cocoa powder

♥ Recipe

1. Put cream cheese and granulated sugar in a bowl and mix until creamy.

2. Just mix and add fresh cream to make 2-3 times and then put in ice cream bag.

3. Soak the Oreo cake in coffee water, put it in the box, squeeze the cream cheese in part 2 on top. Repeat twice and chill in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

4. When removed from the refrigerator, sprinkle unsweetened cocoa powder on top.